Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dogs And Cats Rule The Roost

It's been a comfy summer for the dogs and cats of the house. When indoors, Daphne and Fergus snooze blissfully:

 Outdoors, Daphne continued to relax, though Jack was alert:

 Big Seamus enjoyed the company of his little buddy, Bugsy:

 Outdoors, however, they are alert and ready to bark their heads off at any movement or sound, real or imagined:

 Daisy follows me around all day, then waits for me outside the bedroom door at night. This photo shows how her right eye, though nicely healed now, still looks a bit different from her left eye:

 Waiting at the gate to come back inside:

 Breakfast time:

 Fergus knew where to find shade on sunny day:

 Daphne, Bramble and Clover in the ever popular kitchen corner:

 Leisure time on their kitchen ramp - Daphne and Jack on the left, with Fergus striking a sophisticated, legs crossed pose:

 A collection of pets awaiting me at the bottom of the stairs - only one cat in this case, though often there are more, along with the dogs. Daisy, true to form, was right at my heels:

 Clover and Seamus catching some rays on a summer day:

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