Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Time of Glorious Dawns, Flowers, Cherries, Pasture

The Rugosa Roses continued to bloom, though not as profusely as they did in June:

 And the tree cherries continued to ripen. I grabbed one, always choosing one of the reddest, every time I walked near the tree:

 Red Clover grew tall and robust, blooming all over the pastures:

 The wild Elderberries growing in the old silo base burst into bloom:

 I wanted to spray the fence line of the south field, so I moved the cattle across the gravel road into the north field. They were reticent this time, giving me time to get the camera out of my pocket and snap a photo. Usually that is not possible as I am holding six heavy bowls of grain in one arm and moving backwards rapidly, ringing the cowbell with my other arm. This is the first time I managed to snap a photo of the process:

 I then moved the little horses across. Once in the north field, everyone ate their fill of grass and settled in for a nap:

 Remy comes running when I walk out into the field:

 Blue comes sometimes, but his main concern is eating. Just look at his teeth in this photo as he chomps on pasture grass:

 Summer sunrises are always pretty, but one morning they were especially dramatic. Rain was coming. This was the northeastern sky:

 The northwestern sky:

 Due north:

 And the southwestern sky. It looked almost Biblical. Cecil B. DeMille could have used it in a movie:


  1. what a beautiful post Bill. I was taken with so many of the pictures, but I think the windblown grasses, manes and tails of Blue and Remy was thrilling. We're getting a lot of epic clouds out here too; very unworldly, and yet this is our world!

    1. Thank you. We share a capacity for awe at the beauty of our natural world.