Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Summer Walk In The South Field

It was a hot morning and I'd just done the few morning chores I have in the summertime. I decided to walk out into the south field and enjoy the beauty. Of course both Blue and Remy came with me, though their attention was quickly diverted to eating grass:

Remy too was munching grass until he heard a noise from the neighbors' property. It interested him, and he stopped, looked and listened:

There were lots of tiny white flowers in bloom, Lesser Stitchwort and Northern Bedstraw. There were also lots of Red Clover and Buttercups, though only their leaves show in this picture:

Buttercups and Cow Vetch:

Buttercups and Red Clover:

Cow Vetch, Northern Bedstraw and Buttercups. There was a lot of Ragged Robin in bloom also, though I neglected to get a picture of them this time:

The cows lifted their heads to see what was happening. There must be some reason I was out, walking around the field:

Gracie, however, didn't care. I walked right up and brushed the flies off her face. Then I stroked under her chin:

Jasmine, another hefty lady, was comfy under the trees and didn't want to stand up if she didn't have to. She also got a bit of attention:

Buttercups and Oxeye Daisy (with a bit of Northern Bedstraw and Lesser Stitchwort thrown in for good measure):

The four standing cows began walking toward the shade of the Box Elder tree near the barn:

Gracie followed them, with Jasmine not too far behind. Cows are herd animals and don't usually want to be left behind when the herd moves on. Remy and Blue, however, had been there all the time, munching on grass:

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