Friday, July 21, 2017

The Excellent Adventures Of Teddy, The Bull

My Red Poll girls were taken by surprise when Teddy, the bull, arrived:

 They all ran over to see him and he was quite absorbed with making their acquaintances. He took a few steps toward the curious horses, but they wisely ran away:

 Remy watched as Rosella took center stage. The other cows were curious, but Rosella was in LOVE:

 The other cows backed off and watched:

 Teddy mounted Rosella, and Rosella mounted Teddy. There was lots of rubbing and flirting:

 Even after they calmed down, Rosella and Teddy were side by side, inseparable:

 This was most worrisome, because Rosella was supposed to be due to calve in only three days. She acted as if she was in heat - and so did he, though I never saw him actually breed her:

 By the next day, things had calmed down and everyone relaxed. Jasmine snoozed in the field:

 And they all basked together in the warm sun:

 Teddy was calm and sleepy, snoozing along with his newly acquired harem. I was advised against walking out into the field since I was old and crippled, so I drove the tractor out to take photos:

 Scarlett, supposedly due to calve in January, rested comfortably:

 And things calmed down. I could only wait to see the outcome. Was Rosella not pregnant and in heat the previous day? If so, had she been bred? Were the other cows going to come into heat and would I see the action if and when it happened? I had wanted to use artificial insemination and produce purebred calves, but things had gone awry and I was attempting to salvage the situation. Stay tuned for further developments:

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