Friday, July 28, 2017

Likable Little Horses

Remy is a handsome little guy, built like a full sized horse despite his diminutive size:

Though not actually brothers, they might as well be. They were born only ten days apart and have lived together their entire lives. Like most siblings, they love each other despite occasional squabbles and jealousies:

 Blue is shorter, rounder and shyer than Remy. He's a cute little guy who needs some time to feel safe before he lets his guard down. Despite his otherwise retiring nature, though, he's a tiger when there is grain involved. Remy knows to get out Blue's way then:

 Remy is especially fond of the cows and often follows them around:

 Blue follows Remy, who follows the cows. As for the cows, they are tolerant but don't seem to feel that same fondness for the horses:

 A picture of Remy, the gravel road, the barn, the tractor and Elderberries blooming in the old silo base:

 Remy often stands at the fence and watches the passersby. If an Amish buggy goes by, both horses often run alongside, just for fun:

 Blue's hooves grow much faster than Remy's, and it is Blue's hooves which prompt me to contact our local Amish hoof trimmer:

I was worried that Teddy, the rented bull, might hurt the little horses, but he has been gentle with them, even friendly. In fact, the three of them often move off together, leaving the cows to themselves. I interpret that to mean that no cow is in heat at the time:

 And if I'm in the field doing some work, Remy and Blue are sure to be there, trying to turn it into a play session. In this case, I was busy keeping my eye on the bull, who was watching and slowly moving closer. He seems to be gentle enough, but one should never trust a bull, especially one of a certain age - and Teddy has reached that age:

 When my neighbor drops off grass clippings, the horses run to greet him and eat as fast as they can, because they are pushed out as soon as the cattle arrive:

 Remy tried to sneak back in to grab a quick mouthful, but Teddy the bull gave him a glowering look which stopped him in his tracks:

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