Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Girls Of Summer

The boys of the farm, the two miniature horses, have no jobs to do but the cows' job is to reproduce and produce calves. Three of them have failed this year and I am planning to have a neighbor's bull come stay for a while to (hopefully) get my three slackers pregnant again:

"Who, me?" Yes Gracie, you are one of the three:

But not Rosella. She has been checked and declared pregnant, due this month:

These are the peaceful days of summer, with lots to eat but sometimes excess heat and biting flies. For the most part, though, life is good:

This is Gracie again. She's very approachable and usually happy to have me walk up and scratch under her chin:

Rosella and Scarlett, daughter and mother:

That's Blue in the middle of this group of cows. Sometimes it seems he thinks he's a cow too:

I have given no grain to these fatsos in several months, but with the breed's renowned feed efficiency and these lush pastures, I don't think this "diet" is having much effect. I need to get the three overweight girls pregnant. Nursing a calf will thin them down:

If they have no calf to feed and care for, these girls have no job to do but to eat and sleep:

A lineup of grazing Red Polls, with Blue and Remy not far away:

That's Amy on the right. She is, I hope, pregnant. You can see how much thinner she is than Violet (on the left), who is not pregnant:

Violet is looking good, however, and may have expelled her mummified fetus. I'm hoping the neighbor's bull will figure it all out for me and get them back on track:

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