Monday, June 19, 2017

Miniature Horses Without Cows

With the Red Poll girls all in the north field, Remy and Blue had the south field all to themselves. That meant that the grass got to recover, growing taller by the day:

 With so much more grass than they could eat, the little equines got to pick and choose. Wildflowers began to bloom all across the pasture:

 Nobody likes Buttercups anyway, but they do like Dandelions. Blue became very choosy about his diet:

 From the looks of things, they may not have been eating the Dandelions either, though the field was so big that it was hard to tell:

 The old, wasted hay in spots where the bale feeder was last winter became sleeping spots:

 Or, when they're in the barn, they just sprawled out and relaxed:

 I've been locking them out of the barn on pleasant days and I coated their favorite chewing spots with Ivory Dish Detergent mixed with bitters and red pepper. Still, to help keep them from boredom, I hung their Jolly-Ball from the ceiling:

 Remy found it only mildly amusing but Blue didn't care at all:

 But they are an attractive pair out in the pasture:

 I tried to fill a bucket with compost for a planting I was making. When I diverted my attention and began tossing rocks out of the compost pile, Remy decided to "help" me. He'd have tipped over the bucket and run away with the shovel if I hadn't stopped him. He's a playful boy:

 They, like the dogs, watch my every move. I guess I never need to feel alone:

 Life is good for two little horses in June:

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