Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Kitchen Sleepers

I find it heart warming to see my dogs and cats getting along well, and the place they get along the best is the collection of doggie beds in the corner of the farm house kitchen. This collection was four dogs - Clover, Daphne, Fergus and Seamus:

 Fergus, Daphne, Seamus and Daphne:

 All five dogs plus Rocky, the cat:

 Four dogs plus Rocky:

 Three cats on one floor pillow - Rocky, Daisy and Bugsy. The two missing cats, Georgette and Bramble, have their own personal beds atop furniture, so that's where they were at the time:

 Clover, Fergus, Jack and Daphne:

 Rocky, snoozing alone on the big floor pillow:

 The three feline buddies again, this time with the afternoon sun streaming through the window and warming them:

 Fergus, Clover, Daphne and Rocky:

 All five dogs plus two cats (Bugsy and Rocky):

 This was a difficult photo to take, but there were four dogs and four cats gathered there, so I wanted to include it. The bed in the top left held Fergus, Clover and Bugsy (hidden behind Seamus' head). The bed in the top right held Daphne and Bramble (peeking out from behind). Then, top to bottom, are Seamus, Rocky and Daisy. Georgette is missing because she was in her bed on the kitchen table. Jack is missing because he was right at my feet:


  1. It is indeed heartwarming. Daisy's eye seems so much better. How sweet to have so much well-being. Don't the dogs ever want to play (chase) with the cats?

    1. The dogs sleep with the cats but I don't remember seeing them play. They play differently and will pick up a cat toy and walk away with it, leaving the cat perplexed about why they did that. The dogs' intent might have been playful, but the cats just think their toy got stolen.