Saturday, June 3, 2017

Springtime In The Country - Part 1

It wasn't long ago that I was having trouble finding things to post on this blog. Then springtime arrived and now I can barely keep up with it. The giant old Lilac bush in front of the house bloomed less than usual, but enough to perfume the whole yard:

And the fellow up the road once again began bringing his grass clippings for my cows to eat:

Jasmine and Remy were the first to arrive at the grass clippings. We pulled the wagon away and then the other cows arrived, pushing Remy away from his easy grass dinner (not that there wasn't plenty of grass growing everywhere):

I rolled the bale feeder to the front of the barn, hoping the local welder would do some repairs on it. I called him but haven't yet heard back:

All the other Daffodils were gone when these pure white ones burst into bloom. I don't remember them from previous years, but surely they must have been blooming every year:

And my "lawn" is largely Dandelions and Wild Strawberries in some places:

This is why I love Dandelions. They are beautiful, hardy and edible:

There are three large, old Lilac bushes around the house with a few more wild seedlings started:

They are the old fashioned, super hardy, wonderfully scented kind, just like your grandmother used to love:

I came across these tiny flowers while mowing the lawn. I remembered them from last year but couldn't remember what they were called:

So I took a closeup of one and used my field guide to identify it. It's Birds-Eye Speedwell, a member of the Snapdragon family. They are sure tiny, but exquisite:

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