Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June Cows, June Flowers

The cattle remained in the north field because it was growing faster than they could eat it and because it made life easier for me. They clearly didn't mind:

Violet remains a mystery. She seems healthy enough. Maybe this long stay in the north field will help her to lose weight - though it sure doesn't look like it's working:

 Scarlett and Rosella are the only two who seem to maintain a healthy weight, and that's probably because they spent nine months nursing calves. I know Rosella is pregnant and hope that Scarlett is:

 All in all, the girls are looking good and seem contented. The problem is that three of them are not pregnant and don't seem to be coming into heat:

 The purple Iris next to the house began blooming:

 I erected a sturdy trellis for a new plant to climb on. That's it down at the bottom of the picture. I sure hope it's a fast grower:

 It's a Mandarin Honeysuckle and is promised to be a prolific bloomer, fast grower and zone 3 hardy:

 Buttercups began to bloom all over the field. I'm told that they are bitter and the animals won't eat them, so they continue to grow like.......well, like weeds:

 And mixed in with the Buttercups are Ragged Robin flowers:

 And the field is also full of Common Fleabane:

And this tiny flower, which I remembered from previous years. I searched my field guide and decided that it is Lesser Stitchwort, a Chickweed:

 This flower was so tiny that it's a wonder I saw it at all. I examined it closely and got a pretty good picture of it but couldn't find it online or in my field guide, so I emailed an expert botanist who identified it as Thyme-Leaved Speedwell, or Veronica serpyllifolia. Indeed, once I had the name I was able to find it online. By the way, if you are interested in wildflowers and botany, may I recommend the blog, "Saratoga Woods And Waterways." It's not only beautiful, but also informative:

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