Sunday, June 4, 2017

Springtime In The Country - Part 2

The apple trees bloomed profusely but briefly. Still, it is a memorable time each year:

And how wonderful it is to be underneath the apple trees and look up through the flowers to the blue sky above:

Apple trees and my car on the left, the tractor in the middle, and the barn and stock tank on the right. When I see such scenes as this, I realized how incredibly blessed I am:

The Bush Cherry blossomed early and then dropped its petals. All these former flowers will be tiny, tasty cherries if I can get them protected before the birds eat them (like they did last year):

Some apple blossoms have a lot of pink in them but all of mine are pure white after they open. There is some pink in the flower buds:

The neighbors rescued an orphan litter of cottontails and were hand feeding them. I did likewise when I was a boy and it brought back lots of memories for me:

The neighbors also got a very well trained pony for their young boys to ride and to keep their old gelding, Boogey, company:

The new pony wasn't sure she trusted me, but Boogey was happy to get some attention:

Walking back to my house, I snapped this photo of my farmstead:

And one last picture of the dogs, happy and comfortable in their backyard run:


  1. I very much enjoy reading your blog. The pictures of your dogs always put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for sharing!