Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Red Poll Girls

The cows were fat and happy, lazily grazing on the short grass in the south field:

Life was good, but they were bored:

Their thick, winter coats were shedding and they did their best to rub off the extra hair on the Box Elder tree:

Then I opened up the far south field for them, just about the time the Shadbush tree blossoms were fading. There was longer grass there:

Gracie and Amy were so full of grass that they could only stand and burp up their cuds:

Then, on the same day the apple trees burst into bloom, I walked into the barnyard with bowls of grain and began ringing the cowbell. They knew that meant to follow me out the gate and across the gravel road - and that's just what they did:

And the reason for the move was to get them into the north field before the grass became so long that the weeds would take over. It looked to me that my years of fighting weeds had begun to pay off. All I could see across the field was grass, clover and dandelions:

Fat and happy:

A big thunderstorm was predicted for that night, but it never happened - just a mild rain to help the grass grow even faster:

I followed the cows around for a while, snapping pictures:

And then I exited through the gate, taking one look back:

Later on in the day, I snapped a photo from across the road, just as some of the cows were coming in for a drink of cool water. I have a pipe running under the gravel road, through which I can pump water to the their stock tank:

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