Sunday, June 25, 2017

Glorious June!

When our daytime temperatures slipped into the 80s, it was time to put the air conditioner into my bedroom window:

 But first I had to move the house plants to the guest bedroom. They live there every summer and seem to like it just fine:

 Apparently all the yellow Iris died over the winter, but the purple Iris outdid themselves. This was the last rush of flowers, as seen from my kitchen window:

 Just about the time the Iris stopped blooming, the Rugosa Roses started:

 Two days later, the Mock Orange flowers began opening:

 And that same day, Swallowtail Butterflies were drawn to the Mock Orange. Oddly, I can't smell any fragrance from them, but apparently the butterflies can:

 The bush was alive with Swallowtails:

 And with gorgeous flowers:

 They are so spectacular that I felt I had to take another photo. Several years ago, when I was renting the house, the tenants chopped this bush to the ground (they just thought it was a weed). I told them to let it grow back and it sure did. As with the Spirea, I think the severe pruning helped instead of hindered:

 More Rugosa Rose photos. I may not be able to smell the Mock Orange, but these roses perfumed the whole area around the house:

 Even when I stood on the porch, my view was bordered by Rugosa Roses:

And just so this post isn't entirely about plants, I also nailed up two bird houses which someone at church was selling as part of a fund raiser. I'm not sure the birds will be interested because they have so many other nesting sites, but the birdhouses look good there anyway:

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