Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Pets At Home

Life continues to be good for the dogs of the house. Their days are mostly spent snoozing:

 But they also have a fenced yard from which they bark their fool heads off at anything which moves. If nothing moves, they'll bark anyway:

 And then, having worn themselves out barking, they give their vocal chords a rest back in the corner of the kitchen:

 When they're outside, they want inside - unless I'm working outdoors where they can watch me:

 Even indoors, they watch my every move:

 Bramble, one of the cats, amuses himself by pushing the water bowl trays out from the wall. The trays catch most of the spilled water, but I still sometimes have to mop. And he sometimes fills the trays so full of spilled water that I have to dump them into the sink:

 I bought a new crate liner dog bed, and it quickly became the most popular spot in the house:

 Georgette spends all her days and nights in her bed on the kitchen table. She generally only leaves to get to her food or litter box - and throws a hissy-fit if she encounters another cat on the way:

 Three little pooches crowded into one small dog bed, a cat and dog sharing the new crate liner, and gigantic Seamus sprawled across several dog beds:

Daisy spends much of her time upstairs, and one of her favorite napping spots is this cat scratching toy made of corrugated cardboard. I think the main appeal is all the catnip I've dumped on it:

 Meghan and Ruby eat a lot of lettuce and carrots in addition to pelleted food. They are healthy and fairly friendly, but sometimes seem to throw wild, drunken lesbian orgies. I suppose that this is when one of them is in heat. All I know is that they prevent me from sleeping when they do that:

 Clover, Fergus, Bugsy, Rocky, Seamus and Daphne. Life is good:

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