Friday, June 23, 2017

State Fish Hatchery In Chateaugay, NY-Part 2

I had just walked around the outdoor ponds at the hatchery (see yesterday's post) and was heading back to the buildings when I saw the "Display Pond," with what I guessed to be the boss's house up on the hill:

The pond was small but deep, and filled with giant Rainbow Trout, some of them at least 3 feet long. Sadly, none of the photos I took of them were use usable:

Then I walked farther, over to some giant blue tanks which were also filled with large trout. I particularly liked the yellow albino fish:

These were Rainbow Trout and very large, at least 2 feet long:

I tried to get a closeup of the albinos, but this was the best I could do:

Then I went inside, where the fish are hatched and begin their lives. A handsome and personable young fisheries man showed me around:

He explained that these indoor tanks were where the hatchlings begin their lives before being moved outdoors:

And these drawers were for hatching the eggs:

He took me back outside and explained that the yellow albinos I liked so much were Lake Trout:

Most of the other big fish were Rainbow Trout. He was very helpful and we talked for awhile. Then I thanked him and headed for home:

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