Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Remy and Blue, The Whole Field To Themselves

Once the cattle were moved across the road into the north field, the two miniature horses had 16 acres of south field all to themselves. They had plenty to eat:

They quickly shed their winter coats and began looking sleek and shiny for summer:

They liked to hang out on the east side of the barn each afternoon because of the shade there. You can see in this photo that the shade is beginning to increase from the barn out:

Without the cattle in the field, the grass began to grow longer and longer. There was no shortage of food:

I expected to see the two buddies running and playing, but they seemed to feel lazy and hungry, spending all their time eating and sleeping. I can relate as I often feel like doing that also:

Each morning, Blue gets a half cup of grain in his own private stall:

And Remy also gets a half cup plus just a little more because he is bigger and thinner. This feeding gives me a chance to handle them, talk to them and check for problems each day:

See that curly fuzz on Remy's back? That's the last of the winter coat beginning to shed:

Blue shed earlier, turning sleek and shiny:

The grass began to grow longer and by the time the cattle are returned to this field, should be ample to see them through until autumn:

One day I saw the two little horses following an injured fox across the field. By the time I got there, the fox had slipped under the fence and across the road. I don't think the horses hurt the fox, but were merely curious. The fox disappeared and the horses stood at the fence, wondering where the little guy went;

I have had one problem. Both Blue and Remy became barn bums, spending almost all their time in the barn - sleeping, eating, pooping, peeing and chewing up all the wood in the stalls. I tried locking them out but they were not happy about it. I don't yet know how this story is going to end:

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