Monday, June 12, 2017

The Red Poll Girls In The North Field

I moved the cows across the gravel road and into the north field in mid-May, expecting them to be there perhaps two weeks. But the grass was tall and they have remained in the north field, still with plenty of grass left to eat:

Besides, they are all on a diet. Three of them are obese and failed to conceive this year. I'm hoping that some healthy, natural living and a diet of grass will get them back in shape:

They seem to have more to eat than they know what to do with, as they spend most of each day lounging around, chewing their cuds:

I moved the mineral-salt block holder to the north field and poured granulated minerals in there as well to help supplement their diet:

They ate down all the tender young grass and resisted eating the taller, tougher grass. Nevertheless, I am leaving them in the north field until they eat it down farther. I will then let the field grow back until the Fourth Of July, after which I figure the baby birds in the field will be fledged, and then I'll bush hog the field in preparation for a "second cutting" haying in September:

Scarlett, my most reliable producer, is looking healthy:

Some of the others, like Gracie on the left and Violet on the right (with the new collar) are still looking mighty fat:

Jasmine is fat also, and has not calved this year. She too needs to lose weight:

Rosella is pregnant and due in July:

The grass in the north field looks better every year and is becoming a quality pasture and hay field:

Rosella again. She's looking good:

They all watch me as I walk between the house and the barn or move around the yard. They are smarter than people give them credit for:


  1. Cows are, indeed, smart. I'm so pleased you give them names and know their personalities. I hope Violet is doing better these days.

    1. Thanks. Violet looks happy and healthy but her reproductive status is as yet unknown. I'm thinking of borrowing a neighbor's bull to figure it out for us.