Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dogs And Cats Who Make This House A Home

All five dogs love to congregate on their ramp, a place where they can keep an eye on me, beg to be let back inside, or enjoy the shade from the Rugosa Roses. At this time of year, they also get to enjoy the aroma of the roses. I wonder if dogs appreciate that smell the same way people do?:

 Rocky and Clover, cuddle buddies:

 Little Jack, hiding in the grass by the fence. He keeps his head out though, so he can watch me:

 Bugsy and Rocky, proof the black cats are GOOD luck:

 Daphne, Clover and Fergus on their ramp:

 Little Daphne and gigantic Seamus, keeping company:

 Seamus found some shade on a hot day in the grass by the fence:

 A typical collection in the kitchen corner - Fergus, Bugsy, Clover, Seamus, Rocky and Daphne:

 All five dogs. Yes, Jack is there also, though you can only see his ear above Seamus' shoulder:

 Daphne, Bugsy, Rocky and Daisy. Daisy is atop the dog food bin, a position which puts her almost eye to eye with Georgette on the kitchen table. So far they've managed to stay peaceful, but I watch them just in case:

 Back on the ramp again, enjoying the summertime:

Fergus, Clover and Rocky. I made the giant green bed from a laundry bag and pillows, intending it for Seamus - but he usually prefers the smaller beds and the little animals use the big one:

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