Friday, June 16, 2017

Do You Ever Get The Feeling You're Being Watched?

It seems that dogs and cats are watching me wherever I go and whatever I do. In this case, Daphne and Seamus were sitting beside my computer chair. If I merely shifted, they jumped up in case I might be walking out of the room. It's nice to be so loved, but also a bit disconcerting sometimes:

 When I work outdoors, the dogs watch me from their back yard run:

 Jack chose a spot beneath the young maple from which to watch me:

 And if I come near the back door, the dogs cluster on the ramp and peer out through the Rugosa Roses so they don't miss any move I might make:

 On the lazy days of summer, I am being watched:

 Bugsy watched me from the lamp table. Bramble noticed that I was on my feet and moving, so he went to the spot where he always wants and demands to be petted:

 Wait a minute. These three cats (Rocky, Bugsy and Daisy) were ignoring me as they snoozed. I'm not used to that:

 Georgette, however, had her eye on me at all times. I lifted up one hand so she'd look up for the photo:

 Jack and Seamus, watching everything I do:

 Clover, Fergus and Daphne watched from the ramp:

 Clover, Daphne, Rocky and Fergus. Daphne's expression is particularly endearing:

 But who watches me the most? It's Daisy, the cat dumped at my barn last summer who almost died. I treated her every two hours for months, and I now theorize that all that gentle handling won her over. Now she follows me everywhere I go, especially to the bathroom. When I go into the bedroom at night, she waits outside the door until morning:

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