Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Beautiful Season Indeed

Just as the Iris began to fade, a wildflower, AKA weed, began to take over and bloom. I was glad I hadn't weeded them out. By the way, the Rhododendron on the left has never flowered since I've been here, though I added a lot of compost this year and it sure looks healthier. Maybe it'll bloom next year:

 The wildflower which began blooming is Bladder Campion, and it is really quite nice to look at:

 And then the old fashioned rose in the side yard began blooming:

 I like the buds even better than the open flowers. They don't really look as neon pink as this looks, but every camera I've tried on them comes shows color like this:

 The fully open flowers perfume the air with fragrance, and just look at all those buds in the background:

 The pear tree doesn't have many fruit this year, but it does have a few:

 Tiny baby pears:

 And baby cherries. They will be abundant this year - unless the birds eat them all:

 And baby apples. Oddly, they seemed less developed than the pears and cherries:

 Several years ago I rooted a cutting from that old fashioned rose. It's done well ever since although it has stayed small. It's going to have at least one flower this year:

 Inside the barn, one pair of fantail pigeons has made a nest on the floor, behind a shovel. There have been no baby pigeons so far, but maybe this pair will be able to raise a couple:

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