Friday, June 2, 2017

Blue And Remy, The Dynamic Duo

Blue and Remy are living a life of ease, especially when they are inside the barn:

Remy is particularly indolent, and can barely manage to lift his head when I walk in:

Blue will at least stand up when I enter - well, sometimes:

The two of them have discovered that the barn is warmer on cold days, cooler on hot days, and free from rain and insects:

But of course they also like to go outdoors for fresh grass and play time:

Blue has been shedding his winter coat and will soon be sleek and shiny again:

Life is good:

The neighbors across the road just got two new ponies, and Remy would have loved to go visit them. He stood at the fence and gazed longingly toward their pasture:

"Pet me!"

You can see here how Blue is looking shiny again. He'll never be svelte, however:

Springtime is a wonderful season of flowers, green grass and mild temperatures:

Blue is very shy, but now he comes up to have his forehead rubbed when he sees me:

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