Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Around The Farm In November

When I hooked up the stock tank water heater, I suddenly realized that things would have to be different this year because the two little horses would bite the extension cord. So I ran it across the lawn and up onto a board which kept it out of reach. I also had to run the cord from the heater through a section of hose because I knew they'd be biting that also. So far, my awkward looking system has worked:

I had some cooked brown rice which I couldn't eat, so I dumped it out for the hens. They were quite happy about it:

I am now bringing out a new hay bale every two to two-and-a-half days. These animals are bottomless pits:

The new hens (Easter Egger bantams) with two of the old hens (Barred Rock bantams):

Blue and Remy in the south field, with Rosella in the background:

There are now 21 white fantail pigeons. I think I have enough, though I probably should get some unrelated birds to keep diversity in the gene pool:

My sister came to visit and disappeared one day. I looked all over the house, then went outside and found her fraternizing with the cattle and horses:

I'd saved some apples, so she got to make friends with the cows and horses by feeding them:

Blue and Remy are not shy when it comes to apples and not afraid to get pushy about wanting more:

It was a lovely autumn day and the animals were friendly:

My sister knows that Rosella is usually the friendliest cow, so she made a special effort to hand feed her:

Remy, however, was not about to let some dumb bovine get his apples and got pushy, demanding more:

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