Sunday, November 27, 2016

November Pets At Home

The house pets have had an easy November, their biggest responsibility being snoozing on the floor pillows. This collection was Daphne, Bugsy, Clover and Fergus:

Daphne is the only dog who has used the dog house. It didn't serve much purpose until winter hit, but there are now days when she uses it to escape the snow or rain:

Jack, Clover and Daphne:

It may be winter now, but we've had some spectacularly beautiful autumn days when a dog could relax in the tall grass, rousing himself only to bark wildly at the passing Amish buggies:

Georgette's life has narrowed in its scope to where she spends day and night in her bed on the kitchen table. She gets up occasionally to go upstairs for food or to use a litter box:

Jack and Fergus on the ramp from the house down into their fenced yard. It's a favorite hangout spot:

Bramble now has his own personal bed too, but he still likes to perch himself on this chair and watch the activity in the kitchen:

Clover, perhaps the most athletic of the animals, is also a big fan of sleeping in the grass:

Ah, now here's a typical collection on the floor pillows and dog beds. It consists of Fergus, Bugsy, Clover, Daphne, Jack and Rocky:

One of Daisy's eyes swelled shut and I assumed that the kitten (Bugsy) had scratched it. The vet, however, said it was caused by an infection and gave me antibiotics for her. Then Rocky contracted the infection and they both began having fits of sneezing. Then Bugsy got sick as well. I'm currently giving all three of them antibiotics and praying that no more cats catch it:

Georgette may be safe from infection as she disdains to associate with any other cats. She's happy in her personal bed, thank you very much:

When the weather is nice and I'm out and about doing chores, the dogs watch me from their fenced yard:

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