Thursday, November 17, 2016

Adventure To Debar Pond Lodge - Part 2

The dogs and I were exploring the former Debar Pond Lodge, once a rich family's estate but now abandoned and belonging to New York State. This building appeared to be a former carriage house:

A caretaker's house?:

Then we walked through the gate to the main lodge. It was spectacular:

From the main lodge, we headed down to the pond, where there was an old boathouse and floating pier:

Of course the dogs ran right out onto the pier:

And I followed them out onto the first part, but the second two floating piers seemed far too unstable. I let the dogs have their fun without me:

From there, we walked along the edge of Debar Pond, passing by the front of the main lodge. The state intended to tear it down but the local people raised a ruckus and want it maintained and used for educational purposes. No final decision has been made:

Debar Pond is itself a scenic attraction, a jewel of a pond, surrounded by Adirondack mountains:

We began walking toward the place where the raised boardwalk trail reached the edge of the pond:

With such beauty all around us, who could ask for anything more?

We passed by the side of the main lodge and the caretaker's cabin:

And then along the water's edge as we skirted an inlet. We weren't done yet. There was more to see, and I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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