Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Remy And Blue, Imps Of Autumn

I moved the cattle across the road into the north field but kept Blue and Remy in their usual south field where they could access the barn. It was a beautiful autumn and they seemed happy:

They were indeed happy and healthy, enough so to get into plenty of mischief:

They are both kind hearted, friendly horses, but still young and playful:

Sometimes I walk out into the field just to spend time with them. They seem to enjoy it and come running when they see me:

Remy always had the more outgoing personality but Blue is very sweet and loving once he overcomes his shyness:

And they are seldom separated. On this day the loveliness of autumn was marred by that tank trunk you see in the background. The workers were spreading liquid manure in a recently harvested corn field, which required pumping the gunk from the tanker to the spreader. Someone goofed and the connection failed on one of the trips this day, resulting in liquid manure spilling across the road and filling the ditch. It stunk for a week:

One day Blue lost this halter and I couldn't find it anywhere. I ordered a new one but it hasn't arrived yet. These photos, though, were taken before he lost his halter:

I think it would be a fine idea to train them to pull a cart or do some kind of work but for now, their role is to look cute and be lovable:

Whenever he sees me in the field, Remy comes trotting over, getting closer and closer..............

Kiss me!

They have a fine life and they seem healthy except, perhaps, for being too fat:

Who are you calling fat?

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