Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Dogs In The Fort Jackson State Forest - Part 1

I had the dogs with me while taking my annual driving tour of Sheldon Road (see yesterday's post), so we all stopped in the Fort Jackson State Forest for a walk:

The lane through the forest was perfectly safe for driving but of course I didn't know that until I'd walked it - and besides, we were there for walking, not driving:

We had the entire forest to ourselves so I decided to let the dogs run and not to yell at them to keep them close to me. Alas, that didn't work and pretty soon I was calling them back as I normally do. I suppose the advantage is that we will never surprise a bear as any wildlife can hear me shouting at the dogs a long way off:

And yet they have a wonderful time and get to do lots of running:

I investigated a bare section where dirt bikes had been frequent visitors. The State had put up barriers and signs to stop them:

We also took frequent side trips into the forest, just to see what we might see:

The sandy, Adirondack soil grew pines, mosses and Reindeer Lichen everywhere:

And there was plenty of visibility, enough so that I didn't need to worry about getting lost:

But we always returned to the lane, which was easy walking and lined with autumn color:

What a glorious place to have within a couple miles of home:

In some sections, the pine forest gave way to colorful hardwoods:

This was autumn hiking at its finest. But we were just getting started. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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