Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Little Horses, Lots Of Mischief

Blue and Remy are well fed, active and enjoying life. They get along well enough with the cattle but have learned to respect their size and power:

Blue is looking mighty handsome in his new red halter. I've never found the old halter which he lost:

I am now bringing a hay bale into the pasture every other day, and the occasion has become one of great fun for the two horses - especially Remy. He tries to chew on the tractor tires, the seat and hydraulic hoses. I have to chase him away, my irritation escalating with each incident. I also have to be very careful that the little horses are not in front or behind the tractor when I move it:

Remy is the primary prankster:

Blue is mostly sweet and shy:

But the two of them together can get pretty darn rowdy:

Remy is sweet too, so lovable in fact that he gets right in my face:

I seldom see them at the bale feeder, probably because the big cattle are always there. I worry about the horses getting enough to eat, but they can always get hay inside the barn:

And they are both gaining weight:

Blue has gained so much weight that I've twice had to widen the gap through which they can get inside the barn (but the cows can't). Blue's increasing width has made it difficult for him to get inside:

I only give them a scant half cup of grain each day, the pasture grass is mostly gone and the bossy cows keep them from the bale feeder. Yet their health and girth are considerable. I guess they're doing well:

All is well with the two little imps. They have lots of fun and get quite a bit of attention, even if they aren't being put to work. Their "job," as they see it, is stirring up trouble and being playful and lovable:

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