Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Return To Madawaska Pond - Part 1

We have cold, early, rugged winters in these parts but one day they predicted sun and temperatures which might hit a high of 60 F. So I took the dogs down to the Adirondacks' Madawaska Pond, just 26 miles from home. The 6.5 mile road through the forest is on private land and it had been blocked for about three years. But New York State convinced the owners of the land to open the gate again this past spring:

As usual, we had the forest all to ourselves - and it was beautiful:

The dogs were excited and also were determined to run too far ahead, so I hollered at them until they calmed down. I can't walk five dogs on leashes and I can't let them run amok, so I insist they stay within about 15 feet of me. They'd rather have complete freedom, but I've learned the hard way how that causes problems. The good news is that the dogs calm down after a bit and I then get to relax and enjoy the quiet beauty of the forest:

We were soon at Madawaska Pond, an Adirondack gem, surrounded by forests, and with Lowbush Blueberries all along its shoreline:

Clover and Daphne ran down to the water's edge to get their feet wet:

And then we continued on our way:

The trail was flat and easy walking, just what I need these days. It was altogether lovely:

The dogs stayed mostly on the trail but made occasional side trips into the trees to explore interesting smells:

The dappled sunlight made it difficult for my automatic camera to know how to focus, but I took lots of photos so I could select only those which turned out to be acceptable:

The forest was mostly White Pines and the warm sun raised a piney aroma all along the way:

The dogs ran and played, sniffed and explored, pooped and peed. Little Jack, who had never had such experiences before I adopted him, imitates what the other dogs are doing, all the more reason for me to insist they behave:

The last time we were here, I never made it to the dam, but this time we arrived at the dam area and got to explore:

The land was lower and flatter at the dam area, with many easily accessible spots along the water's edge. And of course, the views were wonderful:

The dogs ran and played, but I wanted to get all the way to the earthen dam itself. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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