Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Annual "Red Polls In Autumn" Photographs

I moved the cattle across the road into the north field to eat the grass and pose for me with the colorful autumn trees in the background. They were happy to do so:

The autumn color was not as spectacular as in past years, but still it was a beautiful scene:

The north field is about nine acres, and they had pretty much eaten it down within two weeks:

Autumn is mostly a wonderful time of the year in the north country:

And I walked out among the cattle each morning with grain and many afternoons with apples. They came running when they saw me come through the gate:

Afternoon apple time:

Then we had a hard freeze one night and the trees began to take on more color the following day:

I began snapping even more photos, wanting to capture the peaceful rural beauty:

The cows and trees both did their best to look picturesque:

The two calves adapted to their new surroundings without a moment's hesitation. They went where their moms went. It was as simple as that:

For two weeks there was lush grass (without much manure), contented cattle and gorgeous trees:

I moved them back across the road at the end of two weeks. They'd eaten and pooped on most of the grass, the autumn color was fading and we had a four day soaking rain about to begin. I got them moved just in time:

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