Monday, November 28, 2016

Blue And Remy

Remy is a horse with a winning personality. He races to see anyone who enters the pasture and loves to be petted and cuddled. Of course he can also be a bit bold and pushy sometimes, but he's getting much better about that:

Blue's personality is different. He's shy and acts afraid many times (but not always). Once he's being petted, however, he is as sweet as a kitten:

The two of them, however, can create much mayhem, chasing each other or chasing the calves. They also like to steal hats, tools, or whatever they can get a bite on. Then they run away, hoping I'll chase them:

But most of each day is spent peacefully:

Sometimes I forget how little they are. Remy stood outside the barn door, seeming to be dwarfed by the big structure:

Full Alert! Attention! An Amish buggy was going by and Blue and Remy were excited. They usually run alongside the fence to accompany the Amish horse as far as possible:

And they roughhouse with each other, running, biting and kicking:

I'd say these two have a pretty good life:

Remy's moment in the sun:

It wasn't long before the grass you see here, scant though it was, became buried in snow:

Galloping across the field:

Resting and looking noble:

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