Thursday, November 3, 2016

Autumn Drive On Sheldon Road

Our autumn color had reached its peak, so I jumped into the car with my camera and headed to nearby Sheldon Road in Fort Jackson, New York for my annual autumn color driving tour:

It was differently colored than in previous years, perhaps because I was a bit earlier than usual. But it's a good thing I didn't wait because we had a hard wind and rain storm the next day, causing many leaves to fall:

And the colors did not disappoint:

All along the road were reds, yellows and greens:

Autumn color in full array:

And the trunks of birch trees added punctuation to the color:

Massive old maples leaned over the road and seemed to smile with their vibrant colors:

In other places, the reds were so vivid as to remind me of fireworks:

As I neared the end of the road, it became shadier, with more dignified colors:

Yellow on one side of the road, green on the other:

And then a surprise explosion of color in a pasture:

More reds and oranges:

Sheldon Road has little traffic and few residents. It's a peaceful place for such beauty:

Old rock walls bordered the road in many places:

Golden orange along both sides of the road. I'm sure glad I live among such beauty:


  1. Wow, gorgeous! It's just a shame it is over so fast.

    1. Thanks. In this case the beauty was mostly gone the very next day, thanks to a big storm.