Sunday, November 13, 2016

November Pets At Home

As the wind and cold increased, the dogs and I enjoyed our time inside the warm farmhouse. Daphne kept her eyes on me as I prepared dinner. The yardstick, by the way, is to keep the cats from opening the cabinet doors, hiding under the sink and knocking things over:

Bugsy and Rocky cuddled together on a floor pillow:

Daphne, Seamus, Fergus and Clover. The new dog bed in which Fergus is sleeping is an old one which used to belong to PeeWee, a dog who died a year or two ago:

And a popular new bed it is. This time it was being shared by Bramble, Bugsy and Clover:

The dogs spent less time outdoors but still enjoyed it when the weather was not too cold or rainy:

The porch light is on because this picture was taken early in the morning after I'd done chores. The sun had come up by the time I returned to the house:

We're ready to go back inside now, Dad:

The dogs like to watch the chickens. I no longer trust them together, though, since having a few close calls:

Little Bugsy was fascinated with his first snowfall. He sat on the windowsill and tapped the glass with his soft paws, attempting to play with the falling flakes:

Georgette's new bed was a big hit with her but Bramble kept trying to use it, so I got another one for Bramble and put it on one of his favorite perches. I carried him over to it and set him inside. He never left it for the rest of the day. Thereafter he began spending nearly all his time in his own new bed:

Bugsy, on the other hand, is everywhere - underfoot and causing mischief. He climbed up on Georgette's former favorite cat tree to give me the eye:

Daisy seldom leaves the cat room but has ventured out a few times. She likes to spend time atop her own cat tree:

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