Thursday, November 10, 2016

Keeping Warm And Comfy In Cold, Blustery November

As I noted yesterday, we had four days of continuous rain with cold temperatures. I felt sorry for the cattle but there wasn't anything I could do for them except to feed them more grain. As for the dogs and cats in the farm house, though, they got to stay warm and comfortable. Jack watched me from his position near a kitchen table:

Little Bugsy climbed up onto a cat tree tray to get petted when I walked by:

Daisy continued to stay mostly in the cat room, with two favorite beds. One was atop a cat tree and one was in this old Easter basket. She loves her basket:

Daphne posed for a photo beside the maple in the dogs' fenced yard. I keep it trimmed as a shrub because it's too close to the house for a big tree:

Seamus and Rocky on the dog beds and floor pillows:

Fergus, Daphne, Clover and Rocky:

Georgette forsook her upstairs cat tree (because Bugsy slept in her tray) and began spending all day on the kitchen table. But she made such a mess that I dug out an old dog bed and put it on the table for her. She took to it instantly:

Georgette loved the old dog bed until Bramble used it a few times and then she forsook it also. I bought her a new one and tried to keep the other cats out of it:

Rocky mostly likes to curl up on the floor with the dogs, as he did here with Clover and Daphne. Georgette's rejected bed is now on the floor also and is a great favorite. For those of you who may remember, this bed used to belong to PeeWee:

Bramble gave me his best enigmatic smile from a kitchen chair:

Clover, Seamus, Daphne and Fergus:

This photo was taken from the kitchen, looking through the hallway where Fergus and Seamus were standing, to the living room, where Bramble was perched on a bureau. Yes, the dogs and cats got to stay warm and comfy, even during our four day long cold rain:

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