Friday, November 18, 2016

Adventure To Debar Pond Lodge - Part 3

The dogs and I had explored the abandoned estate at Debar Pond and then skirted the water's edge to the place where the usual trail arrived at the pond. We'd hiked in that way twice before:

The sun came out just then, and the forest was so lovely that we did a bit of exploring:

This was a real treat for me and for the dogs as well - easy walking with incredible scenery:

And there was much for dogs to see and smell:

Debar Pond was spectacular, though the sun's glare prevented me from getting a truly good photo of its beauty:

This was indeed a special place and I plan to return as soon as possible:

But it was time to return to our car, so we started back up the path toward the abandoned buildings:

I bid farewell to the mountains and pond:

And we walked again past the lodge, the caretaker's cabin, the barn, the woodshed, the carriage house:

And the lawnmower shed and greenhouse. The "lawn" was dotted with magnificent White Pines and the air smelled of their fragrance:

Back on the lane, I gave the dogs less freedom and insisted they stay reasonably close to me:

Yet still they had fun, sniffing and exploring, running and playing. We were quickly back at our car and on our way through the Adirondack forest, heading toward the road. This had been a wonderful excursion:

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