Monday, November 21, 2016

Cats And Dogs At Home

What's shaking with the dogs and cats of Windswept Farm? Not much, to be honest. Their days are filled with lounging and snoozing. Georgette, for example, now has a brand new bed on the kitchen table. She'd decided to hang out there and I was fine with that until she barfed all over my table. Then I bought her a bed to stay in:

The biggest collections of pets occur in the "Sleepytime Corner" of the farm house kitchen. In this case it was Jack, Seamus, Fergus, Clover, Daphne and Rocky:

Daphne, Clover and little Bugsy:

Seamus, Fergus, Jack and Rocky:

Fergus alone. Maybe he thought he'd be camouflaged on the fleecy dog beds:

Seamus in the kitchen:

Nap times and bedtimes, the dogs keep me company:

And when it's time to get up, they let me know it. The room divider is to keep their part of the room small enough that they won't soil it. It works on the same principle as crating a dog:

And the dogs get to take occasional romps with me across the north field:

Seamus has much more energy now that he's lost a lot of weight:

There were still cow pies dotting the field, but I am happy to report that no dog rolled in one of them:

The pooches ran and sniffed. They wanted to have fun but also to be sure they didn't miss anything. It's a good life these pets have:

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