Thursday, December 1, 2016

Part One, Just Can't Stay Away From Debar Pond

My sister drove from Ohio to spend the weekend with me and, as if that wasn't good enough, our weather her first day was sunny with a high near 70(F). I took her (with the dogs, of course) to the Debar Pond Lodge, the best combination of interesting sights and wild scenery I know. We parked and walked to the clearing, but instead of turning right toward the lake and the lodge, we first turned left to explore a clearing I'd noticed on Google Maps:

We walked along the edge of the trees:

And made several small excursions into the woods just to see what we could see:

The forest was lovely but of course we wanted to go see the lake and the lodge - so off we went:

Because we were walking directly into the sun, I didn't take any photos until we reached the lodge and began exploring. This was part of a grand estate which is now abandoned and owned by New York state. The authorities want to tear it down, but the locals want it restored and used for Adirondack natural history education:

We explored many of the outbuildings and the lodge, then headed down toward the Lake (Debar Pond):

Debar Pond was as wild and beautiful as ever. We were the only two people anywhere and had it all to ourselves:

We walked along an inlet on whose banks a stone fire pit and picnic table still awaited any picnickers:

We explored around the side of the lodge, headed back along the inlet:

And marveled at the Adirondack scenery:

Well, my sister and I marveled. The dogs just played and had fun:

We lost Seamus for awhile and called frantically until he showed up. We theorized that he'd become confused inside one of the barns we'd looked at and had trouble figuring out how to get out. But figure it out he did. He and I then strolled in the shade of the pine trees behind the lodge. But there was more to see, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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