Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Peru Street In Winter - Part 1

It was a cold but sunny day, so I set out on a driving tour of Peru Street, which runs between State Route 11B in the town of Dickinson to State Route Route 11 in the town of Lawrence. The first house I photographed was this magnificent structure, with a wall full of picture windows and a wraparound porch on the second story. What wonderful views they must have!:

There were corn fields everywhere and on both sides of the road. My camera scared off two crows from this field and I saw flocks of Snow Buntings, the first this season, but they were too wary for me to get a photo of them. I'll keep trying, though, and sooner or later will get a picture of Snow Buntings:

A picturesque cabin, set back in the trees, with a woodshed attached:

A modern house, again with picture windows and porch, set back in the woods:

And speaking of woodlands, there were plenty along Peru Road, some hardwoods and some coniferous:

A small house with a nice porch and bird feeders:

Amish corn shocks, so far off the road that I had to use my zoom lens to photograph them. There was a very large field full of them, and an indication of the large Amish population I would encounter along Peru Street:

And I did indeed see many Amish farms, many of them large, elaborate and immaculately kept:

I continued on, getting a closer view of the first Amish farm with its multiple barns, silos and windmill:

An even closer view, showing the ubiquitous clothesline, from which hung Amish clothing:

A horse barn and farm equipment:

A small house with Christmas decorations. But Peru Street was long and there was much more to see. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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