Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hay Feeders, Hens, Pigeons And Horses

Blue and Remy only use their stall at night in the worst weather and they used the tote bag type of hay feeders:

The problem was that they destroyed one each night. The next morning it would look as if a mad terrorist with a box cutter knife had gone on a hay feeder slashing binge:

So I removed the tote bag feeders and instead put an old barn board at an angle near the floor, allowing the hay dust to drop to the floor but keeping the bulk of the hay in one place. I don't yet know how it will work. They might destroy this too or they might poop in it. Only time will tell:

The pigeons and chickens are locked up for the winter so I cleaned out their coops, yielding enough shavings and manure to almost fill the tractor's bucket. My manure/compost pile is growing:

One farm gate lost its hinges so I had to begin using a different gate. Alas, the ground is soupy there and getting worse with each pass of the tractor:

The white fantail pigeons are happy and healthy:

There are several permanent pairs keeping company. This duo is on the northeast side of the room:

And this pair is on the northwest side of the room. The other birds seem to be actively searching for mates - or maybe they are just swinging singles, living the high life:

I now have only 13 hens, and they are indoors, safe from weather, traffic and foxes for the winter:

Remy has grown a great deal and looks more like a pony than a miniature horse:

 Blue has remained short:

 Blue too has grown, but it was mostly sideways. He is now on a diet along with some of the cows:

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