Friday, December 9, 2016

Some Catching Up To Do

My new camera has malfunctioned so I've sent it back to be repaired under warranty. None of my old cameras work so I will be "blogless" until my camera is returned and I have time to get some photos taken and edited. It means I'll miss the annual Gingerbread House Contest (and so will you) this year. I do have some pet photos, however, taken at the end of November which I'll post here. After that, I'll have to wait for my camera.

Just look at that green grass! It sure doesn't look like that anymore as we've had lots of snow. But the dogs enjoyed it while the nice weather lasted:

 Our late November weather turned so nice that I actually mowed the lawn, an unheard of thing to do so late in the year, so far in the north. All five dogs watched me and, if you look behind them, Remy was watching also. He would have loved to come out and cause trouble:

 Clover, Jack and Daphne:

 Fergus, Seamus and Jack:

 But it is winter now, and things look more like this. The dogs don't seem to care as long as it isn't too cold and windy:

 We had one two-day-long blizzard which left deep snow. Then that snow mostly melted and we got a more moderate snowfall to get us off to a good start in December:

 But most of the time, the pet population here looks like this - indoors and snoozing. The two new cats, Daisy and Bugsy, got terribly ill and did not respond to medication. They tested negative for feline AIDS and Leukemia so the vet changed the medication. As I write this, they are still being treated and I don't yet know the outcome:


  1. Do so hope Daisy and Bugsy are recovering as losing pets is so very hard. Thinking of you and them. RB Eugene OR

    1. Both cats are looking much better but we fear a relapse after the medications are discontinued. One more week to go and then we'll find out. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Sending healing wishes for dear little Bugsy and gentle Daisy. And your camera too as I so enjoy reportage on your wonderful family. Words without pictures will still be welcome :) Peace

    1. Thank you. I just got word that a new (refurbished)camera has been sent to me, so I am hopeful both for that and for the cats.