Thursday, December 29, 2016

Peru Street In Winter - Part 2

My driving tour of Peru Street continued past this farm with a number of small houses, large barns and silo:

The barn was magnificent, with a silo and grain bin attached:

Another Amish farm advertised baskets, produce and maple syrup:

The barn, though old, was in excellent shape:

This was the second extra large Amish farm on Peru Street:

A closer look at the house and porch:

And on the same farm, an Amish sawmill from which they sold lumber:

A smaller, modern barn with an RV and an arbor of some kind. I thought it was a grapevine when I saw it, but now I wonder:

Another woodland, this one in the process of turning from hardwood to coniferous:

A third, more modest Amish farm:

The Amish home was smaller and simpler, but full of charm:

This huge, grand, old barn appeared to be unused now. It was so very large that I was impressed. And yet Peru Street continued on. I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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