Friday, December 23, 2016

Blue And Remy, Christmas Horses

To my surprise, the miniature horses seem more immune to the cold than do the cattle. Remy came out to watch what I was doing on this frigid morning:

And blue moved in to look for any edible waste hay while the cattle ate the new bale I'd brought them:

Remy always comes to greet me when I'm outside in the field. Mostly that is pleasant, but he also likes to steal tools and cause mischief:

Blue and Remy with the cattle. The previous hay bale was almost gone and it was nearly time for me to provide them with another:

Inside the barn, where Blue and Remy can also go. There is always fresh, clean hay and shelter available. The cows cannot get inside except on exceptionally rugged nights, but sometimes the calves join the horses. They're just about the same size now:

Hello, out there! Why don't you come inside with us?

Blue and Remy have only been kept in their stall twice so far this winter. I tried a couple other times to get them in but they objected and raised a fuss. In really bad weather, however, they seem happy for the shelter:

Just before I left the barn to retire for the night, I said goodbye to Blue:

And to Remy. Then I turned out the lights:

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