Friday, December 2, 2016

Part Two, Just Can't Stay Away From Debar Pond

My sister and I were exploring the abandoned estate at Debar Pond, in the Adirondacks (see also Part 1, posted yesterday)

We followed a trail down to where a dam of sorts would lead us along the water's edge and into the forest:

We stopped to admire the scenery but the dogs were anxious to get moving. Well, Seamus had a good scare earlier and he was temporarily content to stay right next to us:

We followed a trail through the woods for a short distance but decided it would be wiser to return the way we'd come:

My sister stopped along the edge of Debar Pond and the dogs ran up for some attention, which she was happy to provide:

And then we continued on our way back through the trees toward the lodge:

What a procession we made, marching single file through the forest:

With occasional stops to pet the dogs:

We walked back around the inlet:

And up to the front of the lodge, where my sister discovered a rope swing. Her face and hair in the picture look to me much like she did as a little girl. I guess happiness can do that for a person:

But it was time to go, so we continued back toward our parked car:

We got settled in the car and headed back home. We stopped to view a waterfall along the way but I didn't take any pictures of it. All in all, it was a wonderful excursion:

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