Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Preparations For Winter

I still had one photo, taken several weeks ago, which was not yet posted. This year I planted two Tea Roses and one hardy Magnolia. The Magnolia was supposed to be able to withstand our harsh winters but it was new and I wanted to give it some protection. Tea Roses were unlikely to survive at all without protection so I devised a way to help all three of them get through the winter. I put tomato cages over each one and then filled them with used bedding hay. Over that I put old feed bags and tied the bottoms shut with bungee cords. I tried to wait long enough for the plants to go completely dormant and so the hay would freeze quickly, but I also had to choose a time when I could still push the tomato cages into the ground. It seems to have worked nicely, but I guess I'll know this spring:


  1. How's your health & strength after that harsh winter weekend? Are Bugsy and his Mama responding? Sending good thoughts for all on the farm!

    1. I am improving rapidly and Bugsy is almost finished with his meds. He seems to be completely healed. Daisy has relapsed, though only slightly, so she will be on antibiotics for another week or more. Whatever she had was certainly powerful. Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. So glad to hear you are all improving. Continued good health to all.

    RB Eugene OR