Thursday, December 15, 2016

December Pets At Home

I have a camera once again and have begun taking photos. I'll have to start slowly, as it takes some time to accumulate pictures (especially in the winter), but I'm back at it again.

Here's a photo of Clover, Daphne and Jack in the corner of the kitchen. I tumble all those dog beds and floor pillows in the dryer every morning to remove excess hair. While they're tumbling, I sweep the floor. With five dogs and five cats, pet hair is a constant around here:

 Georgette still spends most of her days and nights in her new soft bed on the kitchen table. When I eat there, I order her to get back in her bed and she does so (well, usually). This is an acceptable arrangement except when she barfs all over my papers:

 And the dogs enjoy their winter wonderland, at least when it isn't too terribly cold and windy:

 Jack generally runs in circles all the time he's outdoors. It was rare for me to catch him standing still:

 This is his usual manner of operation, running and leaping like a crazed grasshopper:

 Clover, Fergus and Jack. They were watching me, wondering what I was doing:

 Daphne and Clover, who I've often called "The Silly Sisters," haven't been so silly lately. Mostly they've mellowed into "The Sweet Sisters:"

 Giant Seamus and medium sized Fergus in the farm house:

 And lastly, the infamous Bugsy. He's almost grown now and feeling mighty frisky although he's still on antibiotics as a safeguard. But his activity level has gone way up and he spends much of every day running, harassing the other cats and playing with toys. Sometimes it sounds like there is a bowling alley upstairs. When I hear that, I know that Bugsy is playing:


  1. "This is an acceptable arrangement except when..." cracked me up with your dry delivery. Hair, throw-up and the rumbling of kitty feet- I do enjoy your updates on your furry companions. Hope you're well on the mend.

    1. Thank you. Bugsy and Daisy are doing well except that Daisy's right eye is still swollen shut. As for me, I seem to have relapsed a bit and had to skip choir rehearsal last night because my throat was getting worse. It's still sore today, and working outside in the cold winds isn't helping.

  2. Bugsy has really grown. Big kitty with beautiful eyes.

    1. Thanks. He has ended his two weeks of antibiotics so I'm watching for any signs of relapse. So far he seems fine.