Friday, December 30, 2016

Peru Street In Winter - Part 3

I was nearing the end of Peru Street and still photographing the rural beauty of upstate New York. This giant old barn appeared to be no longer in use:

But it was part of a farm, so maybe they were still farming. With everything closed down for the cold winter weather, it was hard to tell:

A field full of snow covered farm equipment, sitting idle:

A hay wagon and a hay rake, with extensive fields stretching out behind. Even farms which have discontinued other activities often continue making hay:

I passed this log cabin in the woods:

And another giant old barn, this one set behind a stone wall:

A wonderful old home with a giant stone fireplace chimney and a front porch of incredible beauty:

This old farm house was set behind the trees and looked very "New England" to me:

An old auto garage and tow truck, which looked as if they'd both been sitting idle since the 1950s:

Sheds and gazebo, part of someone's property:

An old horse trailer:

I reached the end of Peru Road and turned onto State Route 11 where the business of Adirondack Storage Sheds had many amazing structures to offer. My driving tour had come to an end and I headed home to tend to my animals:

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