Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gingerbread House Contest - Part 2

I was touring the 2016 Gingerbread House Contest at TAUNY, Traditional Arts In Upstate New York, in Canton, NY (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). I came upon this entry, titled "Cabin by the River," which won first prize in the Adult Category. It had magnificent detail and I voted for it to be given the People's Choice award. Not surprisingly, given its elaborate ornamentation, it was the creation of a woman who owns a cake shop. She said it took about 12 hours to make:

  The next entry was titled "Holiday by the Sea" and won second place in the Adult Category. Its creators said it was inspired by a beach house in Emerald Isle, NC. I was particularly impressed by the glistening, semitransparent sea, made of tinted, melted sugar:

"The Railroad Camp" won a second place in the Children's Category. It portrayed a traditional Adirondack railroad workers' camp with cabin, tents, canoe, campfire, stream, railroad tracks and a bridge:

The next entry was titled "Adirondack Camp-Sight" and won a a second place in the Children's Category (there were more than one who got second place). It portrayed an imaginary summer camp which its makers, all of them boys, called "a typical boy paradise:"

This entry was unmarked and it was small, though with some impressive detail. A business card seemed to indicate that it was made by an architect:

"Kid's Bliss" won a first prize in the Children's Category. It was created by a girl who wrote this description: "On a hot sunny day, the girls were relaxing at camp when the boys came by......."

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