Monday, June 13, 2016

The Red Poll Girls

The cows have shed their brownish winter coats and are once again gleaming red beneath the summer sun:

They have a couple of Box Elder trees under which to find shade on hot days:

And it's also a good place for dust baths:

They spend their days eating grass, chewing their cuds and sleeping:

Life is good for a pampered cow at this time of year:

They almost always stick together and more often than not, the horses stick close by with them:

Buttercups are blooming all across the south field. The cows don't eat them, so they proliferate:

I fear that Gracie is not pregnant. If that turns out to be so, I'll have her re-bred in a month or two:

It's an idyllic life - except for the flies on warm days:

And especially when one's main job in life is eating. I can relate to that:

Blue and Remy, the little horses, spend much time in the barn, but when outdoors, they like to be with the cattle:

And frequently, the chickens join the group also:

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