Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Miniature Horses

I frequently find the two horses asleep on the hay inside the barn, especially on hot days. Blue was in an particularly cute pose on this day:

I tacked up a mineral salt block for the horses, though the cows use it also. There's also a big, cow sized salt block but it's much more fun for the cows to use someone else's:

Blue tips over his food bowl nearly every day. I'm beginning to think he prefers eating his grain off the floor:

Remy, looking like a wild stallion:

And looking like an old nag:

He's a handsome boy with a sweet personality. Even the cows like his company:

But I feed them in separate stalls ever since they began fighting over the food bowls the first week they were here:

  Their days are spent munching grass or sleeping inside the barn:

And of course they run, wrestle and play:

Blue showing off his blue eyes while Remy tries to grab his halter:

A leisurely day in a field of buttercups:

I walked into the barn one day and found Remy on his side with his legs stuck between the bars of the gates. I began to worry about how to rescue him but quickly realized that he was just playing. He'd roll one way to extricate himself and then the other way, intentionally locking his legs in the bars once again. He was just having fun:

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