Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dogs And Cats At Home

Summer has been good for the dogs, who got to spend a lot of time outside. But did they appreciate it? No, mostly they wanted back indoors:

Bramble has spent most of his time lounging around:

Draco, sadly, developed pneumonia and stopped eating. I began tempting him with special foods and hamburger. But his appetite continued to decline:

He became so ill that I rushed him to the vet. The first antibiotic didn't work, so we tried another. That seemed to be effective, but his recovery was so slow that I had to put him through another week of it. He was not happy about that:

Seamus and Jack in their back yard run:

Fergus, Clover and Daphne:

Seamus knows where to find a bit of shade:

The Rugosa Roses began blooming and filled the air with a wonderful, sweet scent:

The dogs always have their eyes on me - at least when they're not busy barking their fool heads off at passing cars and especially at Amish wagons:

Jack's belly bands were such a success that I ordered two of them for Fergus also. Oddly, Fergus seemed to enjoy wearing his, and he looked kind of cute with the pirate motif:

When it's time to make dinner, I have everyone's full attention:

Jack doesn't like his belly band much but he has no choice. He can go up stairs with it on but at first couldn't get back down the stairs without assistance. He did learn, however, and now can go both up and down the stairs while wearing a belly band:

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