Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Remy's And Blue's Excellent Adventures

Remy always was the extrovert of the two, strutting his stuff wherever he went:

Blue is shy and likes to hang out with the placid Red Poll girls:

But the two little horses play together, often vigorously. In fact they are seldom separated:

One rainy day I could find neither cows nor horses. Worried, I walked out into the wet pasture to find them. I found the cattle, hiding beneath some trees. But there were no horses. I began to worry:

But a few more steps revealed Blue and Remy, both soaking wet, standing behind the cows:
I tried to coax Remy back into the barn, knowing that Blue would follow, but he wanted no part of it:

And one day the vet arrived to geld (neuter) both boys and give them their vaccinations. Remy was first, requiring extra sedative and flying backwards, landing on his back when the anesthetic took effect. He required more sedative to keep him unconscious, but the vet got the job done:

Then it was Blue's turn. He required very little anesthetic and it took him longer to come out of it:

Afterwards, they were a sorry looking pair:

I kept them indoors for the first night. Since I didn't have any hay left, I hauled in armloads of green grass:

Both horses refused to eat any grain with antibiotic powder on it. Even with maple syrup on top, they still refused. Eventually, though, all was fine. Now I own two geldings instead of two stallions:

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